AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-26added jargs, made it build again, but it bases on a really old Lucene 3.5.0, soHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2012-08-15updated READMEAndreas Baumann
2012-02-08added test schema for Solr and tamed the loggerAndreas Baumann
2012-02-05added Solr integer float and date typesAndreas Baumann
2012-02-05first SolR field type (boolean) gets mappedAndreas Baumann
2012-02-05programatically to tame the logging in Solr seems to be a challenge :-)Andreas Baumann
2012-02-05added -s (SolR) option, opening the index in Solr style to provide better map...Andreas Baumann
2012-02-05added -H to make printing headers optionalAndreas Baumann
2012-02-04added more FieldOptions in -fAndreas Baumann
2012-02-04removed some commentsAndreas Baumann
2012-02-04updated junit to 4.10Andreas Baumann
2012-02-04fixed printing of positions in -f -vvAndreas Baumann
2012-02-04fixed distribution scriptAndreas Baumann
2011-11-09-Andreas Baumann
2011-05-19started rewriting the thing for Solr/Lucene 3.1 usageAndreas Baumann
2011-05-18switched to version 0.0.4, for Lucene 3.1Andreas Baumann
2011-05-18last version running with Lucene 2.xAndreas Baumann
2010-12-04heading to version 0.0.3Andreas Baumann
2010-12-04heading to version 0.0.3Andreas Baumann
2010-04-28updated lucene-core to 2.9.1Andreas Baumann
2010-02-02fixed dist scriptAndreas Baumann
2010-02-02adapted documentation to Gitorious switchAndreas Baumann
2009-05-07upgraded junit to 4.5 and lucene-core to 2.4.1, tagged as 0.0.2Andreas Baumann
2008-08-20fixed license, distribution and web page, adjusted to version 0.0.1Andreas Baumann
2008-08-20more fixes around distAndreas Baumann
2008-08-20added distrtibution scriptsAndreas Baumann
2008-08-20initial loadAndreas Baumann