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This is a test CMS to play with development of web applications in C++
-using the CPPCms framework. Nothing is fnished here but for the register
+using the CPPCms framework. Nothing is finished here but for the register
and login part.
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- If you found bugs, report them on Github.
+ If you found bugs, report them on <a href="">Github</a>.
- Otherwise contacting the developers is possible via email directly.
+ Otherwise contact the developers directly by email.
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<div id="sidebar">
<img src="/media/images/logo_big.png" width="280" height="280" alt="aCms logo" /></a>
- <h1><a href="<%= root() %>">aCMS</a></h1>
+ <h1><a href="">aCMS</a></h1>
<p class="slogan">A simple demo CMS showing the power of the following software:</p>
<li><a href="">CppCMS</a><br/>a C++ web programming framework</li>