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mastera 386 is enough actuallyAndreas Baumann3 years
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2020-01-24a 386 is enough actuallyHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2020-01-24use -nostdlib compile flagsAndreas Baumann
2019-05-02tried to test on real Unisys, power-cycles, as in bochsAndreas Baumann
2018-08-25fixed linking flags for 64bit host, added QEMU makefile variableAndreas Baumann
2018-04-05tested on old OS X 10.8 with MacportsAndreas Bauman
2018-01-05some preliminary work on an UDP netconsoleAndreas Baumann
2017-10-29some docu fixesAndreas Baumann
2017-09-15more other OS linksAndreas Baumann
2017-08-24moved cross compilation docu to doc dirAndreas Baumann
2017-08-24added bridging howtoAndreas Baumann