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2017-07-20detecting single or multi function devices in PCI scanAndreas Baumann
2017-07-20added a virtual network driver interface, made the dummy RTL8139 driver a spe...Andreas Baumann
2017-07-20added a virtual keyboard driver interface, made the PS/2 keyboard a specializ...Andreas Baumann
2017-07-20kernel_panic while shutting down does not result in endless loops anymoreAndreas Baumann
2017-07-18added a virtual mouse driver interface, made the PS/2 mouse a specialization ...Andreas Baumann
2017-07-16added USB to qemuAndreas Baumann
2017-07-16fixed newline output in Linux stub in libc testsAndreas Baumann
2017-07-16move longjmp for kernel_panicAndreas Baumann
2017-07-16introduced classes of driver types (graphics, mouse, keyboard, network, etc.)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-16moved registering of mouse/keyboard interrupts into the driver activation ins...Andreas Baumann
2017-07-15started to make driver construtors similar (keyboard, mouse)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-15reworked driver init and vtable, taking the interrupt manager and the contextAndreas Baumann
2017-07-15added an OPT parameter to the build makefile, default is -O0Andreas Baumann
2017-07-15same for the graphical VGA driverAndreas Baumann
2017-07-15mouse and keyboard are now allocated driver pointersAndreas Baumann
2017-07-15added a dummy RTL8139 network driverAndreas Baumann
2017-07-15moved keyboard driver into the global kernel context (away from the stack)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-14added stats functions to memory manager, don't use internal membersAndreas Baumann
2017-07-14some linkage tweaking, the kernel is not linked against libssp (whichAndreas Baumann
2017-07-14removed stddef.h and limits.h (come with the compiler header files)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-14updated some docuAndreas Baumann
2017-07-13removed som kernel_panics in libcAndreas Baumann
2017-07-13added an exit functionAndreas Baumann
2017-07-13forgot to add test_malloc.cAndreas Baumann
2017-07-13added a simple test for malloc/freeAndreas Baumann
2017-07-13separated C library implementations with an OS_ABAOS define (for now),Andreas Baumann
2017-07-12removed test tasksAndreas Baumann
2017-07-12added segment_size to vga mode structure, using for memcpy in Z bufferAndreas Baumann
2017-07-10VGA Z-buffer is now dynamically allocated and freedAndreas Baumann
2017-07-09added a ld entry optionAndreas Baumann
2017-07-09back to O0 no optimizationAndreas Baumann
2017-07-09fixed the vga_refresh bug. the problem is under optimization theAndreas Baumann
2017-07-09setting exlicitely the CPU to a 486 in qemuAndreas Baumann
2017-07-09made kernel boot with optimizations on (clang), reason where theAndreas Baumann
2017-07-08forgot to set the backpointer to the interrupt manager (interrupts_t) in theAndreas Baumann
2017-07-08small adaptions around kernel_entry (docu, boot loader)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-08added dedicated kernel entry to avoid address reordering under compiler optim...Andreas Baumann
2017-07-05removed unneded volatile for text VIDEO_MEMORY (we should add the reference t...Andreas Baumann
2017-07-05removed superfluous context in vga driver (was not used)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-05small fix around vga.h incusionAndreas Baumann
2017-07-05tried to fix libc tests, currently they draw in too many dependenciesAndreas Baumann
2017-07-05'mem' command shows memory usage of kernel heap nowAndreas Baumann
2017-07-05fixed compilation errors due to unused variablesAndreas Baumann
2017-07-05some kernel code cleanupAndreas Baumann
2017-07-05fixed graphical screen refresh (a refreshScreen task)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-04got scheduling of task A and B working (now graphics output and termination i...Andreas Baumann
2017-07-02started to add task schedulingAndreas Baumann
2017-07-02added ESC key in PS/2 keyboard driverAndreas Baumann
2017-07-02simplified some driver manager code around calling virtual driver methodsAndreas Baumann
2017-07-02some more vtable initialization fixesAndreas Baumann