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2017-08-02simplified malloc test, see if we are leaking memory, the exactAndreas Baumann
2017-07-23added snprintf and a test for itAndreas Baumann
2017-07-18reverted clang --no-inline flag and readded bug, I can not make clangAndreas Baumann
2017-07-18added -fno-inline to avoid clang 4.0.1 to break vsprintf with va_args when in...Andreas Baumann
2017-07-18added clang SSP functionsAndreas Baumann
2017-07-15...same for libc testsAndreas Baumann
2017-07-15added a better malloc testAndreas Baumann
2017-07-14testing exit, not abort in libc testsAndreas Baumann
2017-07-14some linkage tweaking, the kernel is not linked against libssp (whichAndreas Baumann
2017-07-14removed stddef.h and limits.h (come with the compiler header files)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-13added an exit functionAndreas Baumann
2017-07-13forgot to add test_malloc.cAndreas Baumann
2017-07-13added a simple test for malloc/freeAndreas Baumann
2017-07-13separated C library implementations with an OS_ABAOS define (for now),Andreas Baumann
2017-07-05tried to fix libc tests, currently they draw in too many dependenciesAndreas Baumann
2017-07-01added a strlcatAndreas Baumann
2017-06-10also moved tests into tests/libcAndreas Baumann
2017-05-12some testing of atoi, added a limits.hAndreas Baumann
2017-05-12added a itoaAndreas Baumann
2017-05-11added strlcpy (and a host test for it)Andreas Baumann