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master..Andreas Baumann3 years
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2019-07-18..HEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2016-10-15added a linkAndreas Baumann
2016-10-05removed some old stuffAndreas Baumann
2016-10-05added cfengine in auto installAndreas Baumann
2016-10-02updated cfengine PKGBUILD dirAndreas Baumann
2016-10-01made a version with virt-install (libvirtd)Andreas Baumann
2016-09-16some cleanup and check-insAndreas Baumann
2016-02-07added a local cfengine buildAndreas Baumann
2016-02-07renamed 'aba' repo to 'myrepo'Andreas Baumann
2016-02-06more fixes, all output is now on the consoleAndreas Baumann