AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-18..HEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2016-10-15added a linkAndreas Baumann
2016-10-05removed some old stuffAndreas Baumann
2016-10-05added cfengine in auto installAndreas Baumann
2016-10-02updated cfengine PKGBUILD dirAndreas Baumann
2016-10-01made a version with virt-install (libvirtd)Andreas Baumann
2016-09-16some cleanup and check-insAndreas Baumann
2016-02-07added a local cfengine buildAndreas Baumann
2016-02-07renamed 'aba' repo to 'myrepo'Andreas Baumann
2016-02-06more fixes, all output is now on the consoleAndreas Baumann
2016-02-06tons of bugfixesAndreas Baumann
2014-05-18..Andreas Baumann
2014-05-18reactivatedAndreas Baumann
2014-05-11..Andreas Baumann
2013-05-17small local repo fixesAndreas Baumann
2013-05-17-Andreas Baumann
2013-05-17playing with local package repoAndreas Baumann
2013-05-17use public ntp serverAndreas Baumann
2013-05-16added ntp and git clone for cfengine rulesAndreas Baumann
2013-05-16full reinstall and test, adapted READMEAndreas Baumann
2013-05-15updated todo listAndreas Baumann
2013-05-15cleaned up buglist, removed archblock git moduleAndreas Baumann
2013-05-15fixed qemu installation (proxy, small detailsAndreas Baumann
2013-05-15..Andreas Baumann
2013-05-15 -Andreas Baumann
2013-05-14trying to reduce size in pacstrapAndreas Baumann
2013-05-14small fixes in cfengine installation, added a todo listAndreas Baumann
2013-03-04minifixAndreas Baumann
2013-02-20firsts tests to install cfengineAndreas Baumann
2013-02-19tried to clean up installationAndreas Baumann
2013-02-19fixed localesAndreas Baumann
2013-02-19grub text modeAndreas Baumann
2013-02-18first working versionAndreas Baumann
2013-02-17first automatic installationAndreas Baumann
2013-02-16added archblocks for automatization of cfengine installationAndreas Baumann
2013-02-15some docu hunting on system/autologin and partitioningAndreas Baumann
2013-02-14first booting versionAndreas Baumann
2013-02-14first ArchIso image and PXE infrastructureAndreas Baumann
2013-02-14-Andreas Baumann