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2018-06-04adapted comments on installation on Windowns concering json-cHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2015-05-30ported and added docu for NetBSDAndreas Baumann
2015-05-30fixed memory check on FreeBSD and add install docuAndreas Baumann
2015-04-09drone buildsAndreas Baumann
2014-12-03building also workertest.exe on WindowsAndreas Baumann
2014-12-03made worker compile on Windows (with glib), doesn't work yetAndreas Baumann
2014-11-16some docuAndreas Baumann
2014-09-19tested on Ubuntu 14.04Andreas Baumann
2014-09-18tested on Fedora 20Andreas Baumann
2014-09-17tested on Centos 7Andreas Baumann
2014-09-17termination in foreground on Unix instead of sleepAndreas Baumann
2014-09-14added makefile for Windows, seems to workAndreas Baumann
2014-09-14started porting to native Windows, so far json-c is misingAndreas Baumann