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2021-10-30cc: some proper checking of return types and some primitive check for missing...HEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2021-10-29cc:Andreas Baumann
2021-10-13cc: some support for putchar and char store/loadAndreas Baumann
2021-10-10cc: work on int, char typesAndreas Baumann
2021-10-10added documenation from REQUIREMENTS to cc.wg (README.html)Andreas Baumann
2021-10-01c4: added strl* functionsAndreas Baumann
2021-09-30cc: rearanged for a pseudo-mainAndreas Baumann
2021-09-30fixed HTML generation for <code> tagsAndreas Baumann
2021-09-30cc: added do whileAndreas Baumann
2021-09-30cc: added while loopsAndreas Baumann
2021-09-30added a Makefile for wordgrinder export and markdown to HMTLAndreas Baumann
2021-09-30README is markdown export of cc.wg now, Wordgrinder file is the masterAndreas Baumann
2021-09-30some Wordgrinder dokuAndreas Baumann
2021-09-29cc: work on a working ifAndreas Baumann
2021-09-27cc: added boolean expressionsAndreas Baumann
2021-09-26cc: cleanup putint and also zeroing print bufferAndreas Baumann
2021-09-26cc:Andreas Baumann
2021-09-24cc: about to emulate a printint build-in keyword (for now just prints a string)Andreas Baumann
2021-09-24emul: added INT 0x80 hook for syscall 4 (write) for printintAndreas Baumann
2021-09-24emulAndreas Baumann
2021-09-23ccAndreas Baumann
2021-09-06also pcc works now with hosted c4Andreas Baumann
2021-09-06c4 is freestanding nowAndreas Baumann
2021-09-01loosing time in freestanding gcc-opimized code with volatile string buffers o...Andreas Baumann
2021-09-01some testing of strange print_char behaviour under optimization on gccAndreas Baumann
2021-08-30implemented simplistic register spillingAndreas Baumann
2021-08-25some work on cc generating the code with ASTAndreas Baumann
2021-08-22cc: more structured codeAndreas Baumann
2021-08-20cc: simple global scope and duplicate global detectionAndreas Baumann
2021-08-20c4: fixed compiler warnings and using old style block commentsAndreas Baumann
2021-08-19added symbol struct and memory managementAndreas Baumann
2021-08-19c4: also merged in structuresAndreas Baumann
2021-08-19c4: use casesAndreas Baumann
2021-08-19c4: added switch statementAndreas Baumann
2021-08-15added NULL and EOF (-1 as emum initialized in c4)Andreas Baumann
2021-08-13cc: some work on the scanner, expression parserAndreas Baumann
2021-08-13c4: added support for do/whileAndreas Baumann
2021-08-05added quite some links around c4Andreas Baumann
2021-08-01added normal comments to c4Andreas Baumann
2021-07-31fixed read->-1 in c4/c4/cc chainAndreas Baumann
2021-07-27printing line lumbersAndreas Baumann
2021-07-18added some docu to minianyAndreas Baumann
2021-07-18another test with c4 and a minic compilerAndreas Baumann
2020-09-18some work on functionsAndreas Baumann make gcc builds happy and use PICAndreas Baumann
2020-09-12updated LLVM test READMEAndreas Baumann
2020-09-03initializing list of expressions properly in parameter call generationAndreas Baumann
2020-09-03sorted out parameter push order on stackAndreas Baumann
2020-09-03fixes in parameter passingAndreas Baumann
2020-09-01some more work on parameter checkingAndreas Baumann