AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-27renamed 'run' to 'run-qemu' in makefileHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2015-04-06comment on requirementsAndreas Baumann
2015-04-04updated some docu in INSTALLAndreas Baumann
2015-04-04.Andreas Baumann
2015-04-04cleanup around GPMAndreas Baumann
2015-04-04updated and reactivated GPMAndreas Baumann
2015-04-04..Andreas Baumann
2015-04-04fixed target/$LIBDIR for target/lib in root image (architecture dependend lib...Andreas Baumann
2011-12-05-Andreas Baumann
2011-12-05builds, but doesn't run yet, GPM disabled because of 64-bit troublesAndreas Baumann
2011-12-04tried to upgrade, broken nowAndreas Baumann
2011-12-04updated to syslinux 4.04Andreas Baumann
2011-12-04added prerequisitesAndreas Baumann
2010-08-15added prerequisitesAndreas Baumann
2010-08-15added luaAndreas Baumann
2010-08-15fixed some races around losetup; enable fsck/mkfs.ext2 and fdisk in busyboxAndreas Baumann
2010-08-15updated kernel to, busybox to 1.17.1Andreas Baumann
2010-08-15reverted to perl 5.12, no clue why I took 5.13 (which is a development version)Andreas Baumann
2010-05-14tested 64-bit qemu, works, some manual work needed, see TODOSroot
2010-05-13updated todo listAndreas Baumann
2010-05-13kernel-config is a i386 again, making it work everywhereAndreas Baumann
2010-05-13switched to syslinuxroot
2010-05-13update perl to 5.13.0Andreas Baumann
2010-05-09trying to upgrade to grub 2, currently brokenroot
2010-05-08upgraded kernel to
2010-04-23added remark about microperl, why we don't upgrade it at the momentAndreas Baumann
2010-04-23made sure we have a DHCP client in busybox for networkingAndreas Baumann
2010-04-22updated uclibc to 0.9.31Andreas Baumann
2010-04-22updated busybox to 1.16.1Andreas Baumann
2010-04-22updated kernel to Baumann
2010-04-22fixed download pathsAndreas baumann
2010-04-18added remark about 64-bitAndreas Baumann
2009-08-23readded VMX description file for VMWare (lost it)Andreas Baumann
2009-08-23updated kernel to and busybox to 1.14.1root
2009-08-23added acpid in user land with a simple script being able to to a ACPI powerbu...root
2009-08-23added variables for package versions, reorganized a little bit download arearoot
2009-03-21rebuild works, removed last relicts of cross-compilationroot
2009-03-21fixed source targetroot
2009-03-21checked in initial versionroot