AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-07fixed Fedora Rawhide verision to 99HEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2017-12-07added Fedora RawhideAndreas Baumann
2017-12-07updated spec file for fc26 and fc27Andreas Baumann
2017-02-16remoevd FC23 and added FC25Andreas Baumann
2017-01-14fixed another wrong castAndreas Baumann
2017-01-14added wrong virtual host to header dataAndreas Baumann
2017-01-13small conversion fixes around strtol and an uninitialized curl codeAndreas Baumann
2017-01-06made -ffollow workAndreas Baumann
2017-01-06added an --insecure switch for SSL connections with self-signed certificatesAndreas Baumann
2017-01-06allow building on armv6lAndreas Baumann
2016-12-09removed some old OBS distrosAndreas Baumann
2016-10-07removed old Fedora versions and added FC24Andreas Baumann
2016-09-06fixed disabled of host verification with --no-verify-hostAndreas Baumann
2016-04-12adapted for Fedora 23Andreas Baumann
2015-10-31some renames and synched package building with version used in pgfuseAndreas Baumann
2015-10-31removed warning about 'answer_protocol_version'Andreas Baumann
2014-02-14fixed fedora 20 libcurl and libcurl-devel dependencyAndreas Baumann
2014-02-13added packaging for fedora 20 on OBSAndreas Baumann
2013-12-25changed digest option to -d to -D (-d is used by the original check_httpAndreas Baumann
2013-12-25Merge pull request #1 from NixM0nk3y/masterAndreas Baumann
2013-12-23add digest supportNick Gregory
2013-08-06updated for Fedora19Andreas Baumann
2013-06-29fixed packaging for Fedora 18Andreas Baumann
2012-07-15fixed dist for gitAndreas Baumann
2012-07-13fixed linking bugAndreas Baumann
2012-07-12added Fedora 17Andreas Baumann
2012-07-12directory fix in spec fileAndreas Baumann
2012-07-12some OSC platform probing for pkgconfig and libcurlAndreas Baumann
2012-07-12more debian packaging fixesAndreas Baumann
2012-07-12added generated gengetopt files, there is no decent gengetopt on most linux d...Andreas Baumann
2012-07-12-Andreas Baumann
2012-07-12fixed typo in specAndreas Baumann
2012-07-12added a 'dist-gz' targetAndreas Baumann
2012-07-12added OSC build toolsAndreas Baumann
2012-07-12added Debian packagingAndreas Baumann
2012-03-07switched to version 0.0.4Andreas Baumann
2009-10-06fix in output of status message for HTTP and FTPAndreas Baumann
2009-10-02small fixes for warnings with gcc 4.4.1 on ArchLinuxAndreas Baumann
2009-10-02dont parse HTTP status line when answer is a FTP listing (we should use ftppa...Andreas Baumann
2009-10-02fixed quite some bugs, normal FTP support works, not yet FTPS (implicit or ex...Andreas Baumann
2009-09-29changed insecure and verify-host options to negative, default is DO verificationAndreas Baumann
2009-09-28finish for release 0.0.3, added CA and client certificate handlingAndreas Baumann
2009-09-28added all SSL options we currently need, --insecure worksm alreadyAndreas Baumann
2009-09-28updated TODOSAndreas Baumann
2009-09-28fixed some compiler warnings, added testsAndreas Baumann
2008-12-17- increased verison to 0.0.2Andreas Baumann
2008-12-17- fixed for 64-bitAndreas Baumann
2008-10-10small cleanup in header file includesAndreas Baumann
2008-10-09- added user agentAndreas Baumann
2008-10-09- updated todo listAndreas Baumann