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masterignore clang croaking about negative shifts in TYPE_MAXAndreas Baumann4 months
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2023-08-05ignore clang croaking about negative shifts in TYPE_MAXHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2023-08-03added THREAD_ID helper in a util.h, done away with warnings on numerical thre...Andreas Baumann
2023-08-03fixing for platforms, where pthread_t is not numeric (as for musl, where it i...Andreas Baumann
2023-08-03suppress error if getconf LFS_* failsAndreas Baumann
2018-06-07adapted to new web page and git locationAndreas Baumann
2018-06-07removed docker file as there is manual work to set up pgfuse properlyAndreas Baumann
2018-06-05updated READMEAndreas Baumann
2018-06-05moved bugs from githubAndreas Baumann
2017-12-08forgot to readd Fedora 27 in spec fileAndreas Baumann
2017-12-07fixed Fedora Rawhide verision to 99Andreas Baumann