AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-04added BUGS file from issues from github (delete repo there)HEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2015-08-29version bump of git version so 0.0.5Andreas Baumann
2015-08-29version bump in Linux checkAndreas Baumann
2015-06-28master version bump to upcoming 0.0.4Andreas Baumann
2014-10-08Linux version bump to 3.16Andreas Baumann
2014-06-11Merge branch 'master' of Baumann
2014-06-11updated for newer Linux versionsAndreas Baumann
2012-09-26-Andreas Baumann
2012-05-17fix for Linux >=3.1Andreas Baumann
2011-10-16fixed for Linux 3.0, fixed a gcc warning about an unused variableAndreas Baumann
2011-03-21tested on Windows 7 64-bit with VC8 (Platform SDK 7.0)U-Andreas-PC\Andreas
2011-03-21updated bundled sqlite for Windows to 3.7.5, tested on Windows 7U-Andreas-PC\Andreas
2010-09-15disabled test9 on Windows (can't work because we stress the BUSY state too much,Andreas Baumann
2010-09-15fixed a memory leak per row in the quey bufferAndreas Baumann
2010-09-15made leak in test3 more transparentAndreas Baumann
2010-09-08another fix around sleepAndreas Baumann
2010-09-08removed sleepbaumann
2010-09-07corrected valgrind suppression fileAndreas Baumann
2010-09-06updated sqlite on windows from 3.7.1 to 3.7.2Andreas Baumann
2010-09-06added assertion for test 9Andreas Baumann
2010-09-06fixed test9, works nowAndreas Baumann
2010-09-06some more places are handling SQLITE_BUSY correctly now, test9Andreas Baumann
2010-09-06more cleanup in exceptions, added a database_locked exception,Andreas Baumann
2010-09-05revised exception hierarchy, following more the pqxx ideasAndreas Baumann
2010-09-04some fixes for unsigned int parameters for prepared statementsAndreas Baumann
2010-09-03more testingAndreas Baumann
2010-09-03no -L/usr/lib or -I/usr/include, they are standard anyway and specifyingAndreas Baumann
2010-09-03small fixes for threading test on WindowsAndreas Baumann
2010-09-02added a threading test 9, but not working yetAndreas Baumann
2010-08-28trying qtcreatorAndreas Baumann
2010-08-28gitignore againAndreas Baumann
2010-08-28fixed test 8 db and started a test 9 for multi-threadingAndreas Baumann
2010-08-28adapted .gitignoreAndreas Baumann
2010-08-23updated integrated sqlite to 3.7.1 (native Windows build)Andreas Baumann
2010-04-14added a hint for in configure scriptAndreas Baumann
2010-04-14update integrated Windows sqlite to Baumann
2010-04-14added a config.mkAndreas Baumann
2010-04-14started to sync with makefiles from SMERPAndreas Baumann
2010-03-25fixed finalizing of prepared statements in destructor of connectionAndreas Baumann
2010-03-01added a .gitignore fileAndreas Baumann
2010-02-15added commentAndreas Baumann
2010-02-15added another project ( Baumann
2010-02-13removed some references to old sourceforge/track ticket numbers in the codeAndreas Baumann
2010-02-13corrected the READMEAndreas Baumann
2010-02-13imported trunk from sourceforge SVNAndreas Baumann