AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-04adapted comments on installation on Windowns concering json-cHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2018-06-04added local win32 fork of json-c hereAndreas Baumann
2018-04-23fixed for OSX 10.8.0 using MacPortsAndreas Baumann
2016-10-28added fedora23Andreas Baumann
2016-10-27added a Fedora 24 build scriptAndreas Baumann
2016-10-15.Andreas Baumann
2016-10-15added Centos 7Andreas Baumann
2016-10-15Ubuntu 15.10Andreas Baumann
2016-10-15more ubuntuAndreas Baumann
2016-10-15more testing Ubuntu gold imagesAndreas Baumann
2016-10-15more debian/ubuntu versionsAndreas Baumann
2016-10-14fixed ubuntu 16.04 gold image build exampleAndreas Baumann
2016-09-30update Ubuntu gold image build script from 15.10 to 16.04Andreas Baumann
2016-09-30small fixes in archlinux build script:Andreas Baumann
2016-06-29updated gold image example to Cetos 6.8Andreas Baumann
2016-04-24.Andreas Baumann
2016-04-24.Andreas Baumann
2016-04-24.Andreas Baumann
2016-04-24travis testAndreas Baumann
2015-12-13added automatic archlinux installation (unsorted)Andreas Baumann
2015-12-13added old centos auto project (unsorted)Andreas Baumann
2015-10-31added ubuntu bootstrappingAndreas Baumann
2015-10-30prompt for debian 8 chrootAndreas Baumann
2015-10-30.Andreas Baumann
2015-10-30added prelimiary debian 8 gold image scriptAndreas Baumann
2015-10-25prompt and bash_profile adaptions in gold exampleAndreas Baumann
2015-10-24added ArchLinux gold build script (preliminary) and fixed Centos 6 scriptAndreas Baumann
2015-06-21added waiting indicators in web interface buttonsAndreas Baumann
2015-06-21implemented start/stop in the web interface, disabling disabled workersAndreas Baumann
2015-06-20sortable tabsAndreas Baumann
2015-06-20dynamic worker tabs on button click in web uiAndreas Baumann
2015-06-19better handling of connection errors, handling close button in web clientAndreas Baumann
2015-06-19proper PNG handling and parsing AJAX answer for status page in web clientAndreas Baumann
2015-06-18some cleanup in web client status pageAndreas Baumann
2015-06-18added images for jQuery UI in web interfaceAndreas Baumann
2015-06-18automatic /status tab refresh and some 0-byte reminationsAndreas Baumann
2015-06-18/status in web status tabAndreas Baumann
2015-06-17some first jquery ui stepsAndreas Baumann
2015-06-16playing with embeddable web frontendAndreas Baumann
2015-06-16started a small worker helper named 'birudaenv' doing a environemnt guessing andAndreas Baumann
2015-06-16updated READMEAndreas Baumann
2015-06-13added first shacky automatic test, added tons of dodosAndreas Baumann
2015-06-13added a wait command which should make automatic testing easierAndreas Baumann
2015-06-13more playing with cli and parameters for workersAndreas Baumann
2015-06-12show workers when completing, eliminating duplicatesAndreas Baumann
2015-06-12temporary checkinAndreas Baumann
2015-06-12build_gold_example prints machine architecture too nowAndreas Baumann
2015-06-12ignoring some more files in gitignoreAndreas Baumann
2015-06-11updated TODO listAndreas Baumann
2015-06-11fixed usage and parameter parsing in scriptAndreas Baumann