AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-06fixed scoped_ptr warning in googleurl libraryHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2015-03-05..Andreas Baumann
2015-03-05more lua fixesAndreas Baumann
2015-03-02more fixes around local tolua and luaAndreas Baumann
2015-03-01fixed local tolua to use local lua library and include dirs)Andreas Baumann
2015-02-09added a CRAWLER_UNUSED for lua specific module initialization codeAndreas Baumann
2015-02-09fixed an unused variable warning if no WITH_LUA is usedAndreas Baumann
2015-02-09fixed type in StringUtils (string::size_type or size_t instead of unsigned int)Andreas Baumann
2015-01-28..Andreas Baumann
2014-11-07added some more linksAndreas Baumann
2014-10-25some desperate trials to use create on normalizer module loader to create Lua...Andreas Baumann
2014-10-25added static dumpers for stack l handle in LuaVMAndreas Baumann
2014-10-23..Andreas Baumann
2014-10-17..Andreas Baumann
2014-10-17playing around with Lua debuggerAndreas Baumann
2014-10-17replaced log( "LEVEL") Lua function with 'log.level' table of C functions for...Andreas Baumann
2014-10-16..Andreas Baumann
2014-10-16added first simple Lua loggerAndreas Baumann
2014-10-16simple url normalizer in Lua on WindowsAndreas Baumann
2014-10-16..Andreas Baumann
2014-10-16testing with two urlnormalizer modules (google and simple) in crawl.confAndreas Baumann
2014-10-16creating all module constructors now from Lua configurationAndreas Baumann
2014-10-16added getInt to LuaVmAndreas Baumann
2014-10-16loading url normalizers now via Lua mechanoAndreas Baumann
2014-10-16fixed destructor of module loader when no modules have been loadedAndreas Baumann
2014-10-16changed some throw new to throw (caused stopping of crawler with an unknown e...Andreas Baumann
2014-10-15executing tolua tests only in test makefile targetAndreas Baumann
2014-10-15..Andreas Baumann
2014-10-15fixed worrect woldcard in FileUtils directory iteratorAndreas Baumann
2014-10-15first preliminary module searcherAndreas Baumann
2014-10-15added getstringarray to luavm layerAndreas Baumann
2014-10-15added file iteration also on WindowsAndreas Baumann
2014-10-15added a directory scanner (Linux for now)Andreas Baumann
2014-10-15added a test for stringicasecmpAndreas Baumann
2014-10-15added a test for stringutils splitAndreas Baumann
2014-10-15Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Baumann
2014-10-15added 'distclean' in tolua makefileAndreas Baumann
2014-10-15updated todo listAndreas Baumann
2014-10-14fixed url normalizer tests on Windows (by linking them statically).Andreas Baumann
2014-10-14temporary for winhttp fetcher (and tests/fetcher) on Windows, needs alsoAndreas Baumann
2014-10-14updated README.3rdPARTYAndreas Baumann
2014-10-14updated todo listAndreas Baumann
2014-10-14fixed linking of url/fetcher test (only links, doesn't run yet)Andreas Baumann
2014-10-14tolua relocatable code fixAndreas Baumann
2014-10-14fixed more Linux testsAndreas Baumann
2014-10-14fixed module tests on LinuxAndreas Baumann
2014-10-14fixed demangle test on WindowsAndreas Baumann
2014-10-14crawler works now with Lua also on WindowsAndreas Baumann
2014-10-14added initialize_libcrawler instead of silly tolua trick in the main programAndreas Baumann
2014-10-14adapted google url normlazier Lua binding for WindowsAndreas Baumann