AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-03updated for Linux 3.19HEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2014-09-02updated for Linux 3.16Andreas Baumann
2014-07-31..Andreas Baumann
2014-02-27fixed for Linux 3.11 to 3.13Andreas Baumann
2014-01-25tested on ARM ArchlinuxAndreas Baumann
2013-09-08tested and added support for 'clang' LLVM C frontendAndreas Baumann
2013-09-08backported correct multi-line dependency in $(wildcard)Andreas Baumann
2013-08-17fixed for Linux kernel 3.10.xAndreas Baumann
2013-08-08..Andreas Baumann
2013-06-23fixed for Linux kernel 3.9.xAndreas Baumann
2012-10-17fix for Linux 3.5 and 3.6Andreas Baumann
2012-08-15adapted for Linux 3.4Andreas Baumann
2012-07-13added some logger linksAndreas Baumann
2012-03-23retested on Linux 3.2 with tcc (git version!) and pcc (Cvs version)Andreas Baumann
2011-12-26wrapped some docuAndreas Baumann
2011-12-24allowing CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to be passed to make, internally using ALL_ flagsAndreas Baumann
2011-12-23fixed LIBDIR in libdir and renamed itAndreas Baumann
2011-12-23fixes around CC containing spaces as for ccacheAndreas Baumann
2011-12-23removed some remaining C++ compiler flagsAndreas Baumann
2011-12-23do not compute dependencies in 'make (dist)clean'Andreas Baumann
2011-12-23Added tests for Fedora in guess_envAndreas Baumann
2011-12-23backported TMPDIR for 'make dist'Andreas Baumann
2011-11-30fixed on FreeBSD 8.2Andreas Baumann
2011-11-17adapted for OpenBSD 5.0 on SPARCAndreas Baumann
2011-11-14fixed double warning flagAndreas Baumann
2011-11-09fixed on WindowsAndreas Baumann
2011-11-09adapted for Linux 3.1Andreas Baumann
2011-11-05more docu cleanupAndreas Baumann
2011-11-05more doc cleanupAndreas Baumann
2011-11-05cleaned up todo lists and i18n documentationAndreas Baumann
2011-11-05some fixes aroung gettext in doxygen dokuAndreas Baumann
2011-11-05gettext is in i18n now, has nothing to do with portingAndreas Baumann
2011-11-05gettext is in i18n now, has nothing to do with portingAndreas Baumann
2011-11-04some more fixes when disabling NLSAndreas Baumann
2011-11-03small fixes around ENABLE_THREADSAndreas Baumann
2011-11-03default values for ENABLE_NLS and ENABLE_THREADSAndreas Baumann
2011-11-03fixed clean for subdirsAndreas Baumann
2011-10-31added a HAVE_THREADS flagAndreas Baumann
2011-10-20added install of documentationAndreas Baumann
2011-10-20fixed libdir in installAndreas Baumann
2011-10-20synchronized guess_env and with WolframeAndreas Baumann
2011-10-16made getaddrinfo test parametrizable and tests run without internet connectio...Andreas Baumann
2011-08-21Arch with kernel 3 fixAndreas Baumann
2011-08-21adapted for Linux 3.0Andreas Baumann
2011-06-12moved some links on syslog on Windows and Win debugging here from WolframeAndreas Baumann
2011-02-26added a fine looking makefile builder in docsAndreas Baumann
2010-12-05updated READMEAndreas Baumann
2010-09-09fixed some memory leaksAndreas Baumann