AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-19.HEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2016-07-14small text and link fixesAndreas Baumann
2016-07-14changed copyrightAndreas Baumann
2016-07-14update libquickmail from 0.1.20 to 0.1.24Andreas Baumann
2015-12-13added a READMEAndreas Baumann
2015-12-13renamed the project to aCms (avoid confusion)Andreas Baumann
2015-10-09updated libquickmail to 0.1.20Andreas Baumann
2015-07-31print name can be reused between loginsAndreas Baumann
2015-07-31checking password with cracklib nowAndreas Baumann
2015-07-31made it possible to run standalone without proxying webserver:Andreas Baumann
2015-05-03started to add pagesAndreas Baumann
2015-05-03some better sleeping on security critical errorsAndreas Baumann
2015-05-03added handling for 404 cases (catch all)Andreas Baumann
2015-05-03fixed hard coded app linksAndreas Baumann
2015-05-03updated libquickmailAndreas Baumann
2015-05-02enable foreign keys if the cppdb driver is 'sqlite3'Andreas Baumann
2015-05-02added an users api function (JSON), playing with possibilitiesAndreas Baumann
2015-05-01replace sha1 with crypto++ SHA-256Andreas Baumann
2015-05-01updated todosAndreas Baumann
2015-05-01small template changesAndreas Baumann
2015-04-30Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Baumann
2015-04-30added a TODO listAndreas Baumann
2015-04-30added reference to sha1 moduleAndreas Baumann
2015-04-30..Andreas Baumann
2015-04-30basic registration worksAndreas Baumann
2015-04-30introduced an user status for registration and active statusAndreas Baumann
2015-04-30email sending fixesAndreas Baumann
2015-04-29added libquickmail and email registrationAndreas Baumann
2015-04-27on the way of email sendingAndreas Baumann
2015-04-27rough scetch of register user (work in progress)Andreas Baumann
2015-04-26working on register userAndreas Baumann
2015-04-26some refactoring: removed base64 attempts, captcha in separate classAndreas Baumann
2015-04-22working login with captchaAndreas Baumann
2015-04-22added base64 coding/decoding libaryAndreas Baumann
2015-04-19integrated libcaptcha and working on captcha in login formAndreas Baumann
2015-04-19trying to rearange things in the login formAndreas Baumann
2015-04-19updated findingsAndreas Baumann
2015-04-19remember logins and table for login formAndreas Baumann
2015-04-19made CSRF token workAndreas Baumann
2015-04-19some text changesAndreas Baumann
2015-04-19completed login/logoutAndreas Baumann
2015-04-18rudimentary login availableAndreas Baumann
2015-04-18..Andreas Baumann
2015-04-18added some links and authorsAndreas Baumann
2015-04-18playing with a login formAndreas Baumann
2015-04-18added placeholders for directoriesAndreas Baumann
2015-04-18introduced a sub-app for intro pageAndreas Baumann
2015-04-18some rearrangementAndreas Baumann
2015-04-18added master and intro templatesAndreas Baumann
2015-04-17first raw empty classes and structureAndreas Baumann