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2019-05-02tried to test on real Unisys, power-cycles, as in bochsAndreas Baumann
2017-08-13some work on IPv4Andreas Baumann
2017-08-10some renamed in ethernet/rtl8139Andreas Baumann
2017-08-01added a design bug on driver interface (driver_init)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-18reverted clang --no-inline flag and readded bug, I can not make clangAndreas Baumann
2017-07-18found clang bug, not the real reason but works for me nowAndreas Baumann
2017-07-16fixed newline output in Linux stub in libc testsAndreas Baumann
2017-07-14updated bug listAndreas Baumann
2017-07-13removed som kernel_panics in libcAndreas Baumann
2017-07-13added a simple test for malloc/freeAndreas Baumann
2017-07-09fixed the vga_refresh bug. the problem is under optimization theAndreas Baumann
2017-07-09made kernel boot with optimizations on (clang), reason where theAndreas Baumann
2017-07-08small adaptions around kernel_entry (docu, boot loader)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-05some optimization testing, all kind of weird stuff happeningAndreas Baumann
2017-07-05updated bug listAndreas Baumann
2017-07-05fixed graphical screen refresh (a refreshScreen task)Andreas Baumann
2017-07-02some more vtable initialization fixesAndreas Baumann
2017-07-02updated bug list and added to TODO fileAndreas Baumann
2017-06-16updated buglistAndreas Baumann
2017-06-16fixed loading of kernel in stage2 grossing 64kAndreas Baumann
2017-06-15updated buglist and docuAndreas Baumann
2017-06-09fixed stage 1 boot loader problems (worked in some BIOSes acrossAndreas Baumann
2017-06-09.Andreas Baumann
2017-06-09added a BUGS fileAndreas Baumann