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masterrenamed 'run' to 'run-qemu' in makefileAndreas Baumann5 years
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2017-10-27renamed 'run' to 'run-qemu' in makefileHEADmasterAndreas Baumann
2015-04-06comment on requirementsAndreas Baumann
2015-04-04updated some docu in INSTALLAndreas Baumann
2015-04-04.Andreas Baumann
2015-04-04cleanup around GPMAndreas Baumann
2015-04-04updated and reactivated GPMAndreas Baumann
2015-04-04..Andreas Baumann
2015-04-04fixed target/$LIBDIR for target/lib in root image (architecture dependend lib...Andreas Baumann
2011-12-05-Andreas Baumann
2011-12-05builds, but doesn't run yet, GPM disabled because of 64-bit troublesAndreas Baumann